Lost Your Animal? 

What to Do:

Losing your pet:

   if you live in SaddleBrooke

  1. Notify SaddleBrooke Patrol (HOA1 and HOA2) - any description of the animal will be most helpful including specifics about where the animal was lost and/or last seen. Contact Numbers are: 
  2.  HOA1 Patrol: (520) 861-7064 
  3.  HOA2 Patrol: (520) 349-5124
  4. Contact SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue Network - one of the two volunteers below. Please do not call after 9:00 p.m.
  5. Romayne Trudo - cell # 520-834-5718
    Kay Erb - cell # 517-230-4163
  6. Provide the Network with a good face photo and any additional information about your lost pet.
  7. The Network will post the information on social media.
  8. If you know your Unit Rep, ask them to send an email to all nearby neighbors alerting them to your lost pet.

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SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue Network

Mailing Address:

SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue Network 
15270 N Oracle Road, Suite 124, Box 112
Tucson, AZ 85739

Found a Dog or Cat? 

What to Do:

Finding a stray in SaddleBrooke

  1. If the animal has an ID tag, you can contact the owner yourself. If there is no ID tag or you are unable to contact the owner, do the following:
  2. Notify SaddleBrooke Patrol with a description of the animal. Contact Numbers are: 
  3. HOA1 Patrol: (520) 861-7064  
  4. HOA2 Patrol: (520) 349-5124
  5. Contact SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue Network -  one of the two volunteers below. Please do not call after 9:00 p.m.  
  6. Romayne Trudo - cell # 520-834-5718                     Kay Erb - cell # 517-230-4163
  7. A representative from the Network will come to check for a micro-chip.
  8. If a representative is unavailable, please take the animal to Mesquite Animal Hospital on Oracle Road in Catalina. They will scan for a chip at no charge.
  9. If there is no chip, the finder will be asked to hold the dog/cat for a few days while the Network tries to locate the owner.
  10. Special Note: SaddleBrooke is always in need of temporary fosters to hold found pets for a maximum of 72 hours while our volunteers can either find the owner or arrange for transport to a rescuer. If you could be a volunteer temporary foster, please contact Romayne Trudo at 520-834-5718. 
  11. The Network will post the information on social media..

Kay Erb and Romayne Trudo

Volunteers for Lost & Found Program

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