SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue Network

Make a Difference by Donating Your Gently Used Pet Items

You can help homeless pets by donating your gently used pet items and linens to The Network.  We appreciate your willingness to donate, but there are some items we cannot take.  Please see the lists below.

We offer a monthly pick up service on the first Friday of every month.  Please contact Karyle at to schedule a pick up.  Please wash items and bag them (no boxes please) for pick up. 


Items We CAN Take:


Pet Beds/Crate Pads

Pet Food/Water Bowls

Pet Toys

Pet Food

Pet Gates

Pet Medication (Must NOT be beyond expiration date)

Pet Sweaters/Coats


Grooming Tools

Cat litter boxes

Cat litter

Cat scratching posts or pads


Puppy Pads/Doggie Diapers


Training Tools

Medication Bottles (Remove labels and wash)

Bath Towels (no hand towels, washcloths)


All items should be gently used and washed prior to donation.  Items should be in working order.

Please no washcloths, hand towels or sheets.

Medication bottles: We now have drop-off locations at Mezzabyes Computer Store and also at Dentistry by Design, located in the Minit Mart Commercial Center (63715 E SaddleBrooke Blvd.).

Items We CANNOT Take:

Mattress Covers

Rubber-backed Rugs

Electric Blankets

Comforters or quilted items 

Pillows or chair pads


Any items with paint, grease or oil on them

Sheets - both Flat and Fitted 

Washcloths or hand towels

The above items can present a choking hazard or cleaning issue.  They cannot be safely used in an environment where you are housing animals you are not familiar with. Carpeting or carpeted items cannot be cleaned to a standard necessary for newly vaccinated animals.

PACC's clinic uses only disposable items for surgical procedures.